Norfolk County RAYNET structure.

Like any other organisation, Norfolk County RAYNET holds an Annual General Meeting open to all members, normally at Norfolk County Hall, to openly discuss ideas and suggestions with the members present.  The committee consists of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and the Group Controllers, plus elected representatives from each sub-group.

The Group Controller(s) and their Deputy Controller(s), who deal with the commitments and day to day running of the groups, including liaison with the users services, attend and form the basic organising structure of the Norfolk County RAYNET group. Newcomers are vetted by them and all required paperwork is sent to applying prospective candidates by the Controller. Upon the completion and return of the membership application form together with a current pass-port sized photograph, and its acceptance, the Controller(s) then sends to the candidate a photo identity card together with the RAYNET group requirements, callout listings, and all necessary information to complete enrolment.

Norfolk Raynet Administration Committee at work at a County Hall Meeting.

The Administration Committee, including any co-opted members also, sit in meetings also normally held at Norfolk County Hall at regular intervals throughout the year to discuss the planning and working of the groups and to consider agreement and take up of any suggestions put forward by the members.

Who we are

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Who we are