Exercise Speed Talk


Exercise Speed-Talk will take place on Saturday 12th March from 10.00 to 12.30. The exercise will be located at Hetherset High School and is part of the NATIONAL Science week and their specific Communications Morning.

 RAYNET will be presenting a brief talk on propagation and role of RAYNET, followed by a practical demonstration when it might be that people might wish to pass a greeting message. If not, a call to a member asking for a status report will be made – i.e. checking coms with a rest centre. HF should also be activated for this exercise as well.

 Members needed – members are only needed to be at home QTH / mobile. A CQ call will be made each time, and it would be appreciated if members can reply. Please note any QSOs need to be brief (as per any contact from a rest centre) I will email people the questions I will ask in advance if you let me know you will be on air.

 Freq – 144.650MHz

 Note HF will depend on aerial on the day, but will be CW only. I will give frequency out on the morning.

 Steve,   Coastal Group Controller

Exercise Speed Talk - De-Brief

Exercise Speed talk debrief.pdf

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