Exercise Toad in the Hole

This is a 2 part training exercise taking place on Monday, 13th June 2011, between approx 19.30 and 21.30 local time. It will replace the normal RAYNET Monday night NET.

The exercise is a Coastal flood alert simulation. Members will be sent to either a location on the coast, where there is a probability of a defence breach or to a location inland where a major road could be at flooding risk (this would normally be between 4 and 8 hours after the risk on the coast has passed, but for this exercise, we are assuming that they coincide). It may be possible to activate outside designated rest centres as well – I will determine and allocate if there is the need.

Part 1 of the exercise consists of finding the location and setting up a portable station – initially this is to be hand held / car mobile. Dependent on signal report, you may be asked to use a portable mast and aerial – but this is only if CONTROL has trouble working you. There is no need to erect it immediately, as you may be asked to move during the exercise. Aims of this part of the training session are map reading, finding a safe place to operate at location and setting up and using appropriate radio equipment.

Part 2 of the exercise will be message handling. This will consist of 2 parts – receiving signals and answering questions about your location. As this is an exercise signals passed between operator and control will be just that. Only if the phrase No Duff is given BEFORE a signal is sent should it be accepted as a truthful signal. In the case of an actual emergency taking place at an operator’s location, the same protocol is to used by the operator in calling control. The controller will then end the exercise with the phrase No Duff, Exercise End. All other operators are then to standby until the controller is able to call them individually and stand them down and acknowledge the receipt of the message. In this situation, you will be free to monitor the frequency, but please leave it clear for control and the emergency operator. Offers of help will be accepted!

No Duff messages which will be sent during the exercise will be welfare checks (please respond about if you are still fit to be on station etc.) And radio checks – these are to confirm that your radio is still receiving control and your reply confirms to control that your radio/signal is getting out.

There may be long periods when you are not called (another reason for welfare and radio checks!), but please be patient, in a real emergency situation, this would be completely normal.

Aims of this part of the training session are to receive and record messages accurately, to transmit messages, experience how a situation might develop on the radio.

Callsign for the evening           M0RGY/P

Freq.                                       144.625MHZ

Note to stations not taking part in the exercise, please do not call control during the exercise period (approx 19.30 to 21.30 local time) as control may be listening to low powered signals and home stations could wipe them out. Before and after the exercise, control will be operational on 144.650MHz as G7VAH.

Those wanting to take part, please email me asap, with RAYNET Toad in the Hole in the subject line. As the exercise is running for approx 2 hours, it is possible for stations not to be on location by 19.30, but can arrive up to 20.00 – please state in the email if you are likely to be one of these – control will call stations from 19.30 – dependent upon traffic / numbers, control will call non responding stations at 19.45 and 20.00, so if you haven’t called in, please wait until you are called.


Steve, g7vah,  Coastal Group Controller, Norfolk County RAYNET

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Toad in the Hole