Exercise Big Cycle, Holkham 2011

This will take place on Saturday Sept 17th 2011. You will need to be on station by 09.30 until approx 16.30 local. Note that both start and end times are flexible and are dependent upon your location, numbers of cyclists and their rate of progress.

There are 2 cycle rides – one of approx 6 miles – this is in and around the grounds of Holkham Hall. The second is approx 31 miles in length and takes part at the start and finish in the grounds of the Hall and the main section is in the surrounding countryside.

RAYNET’s role

This is to provide communications in case of emergencies and to allow Big C control to monitor the entire event and to generally support the Big C’s marshals.

We do not provide first aid or a repair service (both will be sent from control etc.)

For the event RAYNET needs at least 12 members. More would be better as we would be able to cover more of the long course – there are long sections with no marshal / RAYNET coverage.

Equipment needed

As this exercise is a complex set up, it is important that the controller knows what equipment you have so he can assign a CP where you will either be able to contact control direct or work through another station as a relay - last year we found that this was necessary for a large part of the circuit.

I have split the radio requirements into 3 sections, as these will enable me to sort people into different locations. As most locations are near / beside roads care is needed in setting up.

Section 1

This is for people who only have a hand held, but an aerial that would fasten to the top of their car.

Section 2

This is for people who have a mobile setup – a good car aerial and 10 – 50 Watts mobile 2m transceiver

Section 3

This is for people with equipment from section 2 + a portable mast and aerial (7 – 10m)

People needed

As stated above, at least 12 – more means that more places can be covered.

Also needed is someone for control – as all parts of the Exercise this is good training as you will gain experience at the sharp end and you will be left in umm control.( Note that unless you have a full licence, you will only be able to work control unsupervised as your call sign using the max power that you are licensed for – control call sign for the exercise is normally G7RNN)

1 person who is prepared to be mobile for the whole event – you will need to have a mag mount + aerial and mobile set up. They will be in the Big C van allowing the van to have contact throughout the event with the event control. (I have a setup if someone is prepared to do this but doesn’t have the equipment

If you can only get for part of the day, we can still use you

The map attached to the brief shows the placements of people last year (actual placements could change this year, though I haven’t been notified of any route changes! Yet!). Many locations are in quiet back waters and are nice places to take a picnic, read a book etc. (Unfortunately you can’t go walkees though others with you could!!)

If you have any other special needs, then I can normally sort a place out to help you (e.g. dumping the family on Holkham Beach and then joining the event on the short route etc.)



Coastal Group Controller, Norfolk County RAYNET

If you would like to take part in this exercise please e-mail me at NN1@Norfolkraynet.org.uk

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Exercise Big Cycle, Holkham Hall