Exercise Broadstorm is being run jointly by Norfolk and Suffolk 4x4 Response, and Norfolk County Raynet on Saturday 14th April 2012, from around mid-morning until mid-afternoon.

The main aim this year is to get as many vehicles as we can carrying out tasks over a geographically dispersed area using Amateur Radio to pass messages to and from controllers.

The underlying theme of the tasks will be a flooding scenario in the Norfolk Broads area, and we are going to try to keep things as realistic as we can, without actually getting our feet wet!

There has been interest expressed by Emergency Planning Officers (EPOs) from several District Councils, and we are hoping that they will be getting involved in the exercise by contributing to the scenario, setting challenges, and perhaps arranging for one of more Rest Centres to be opened up to add to the realism.

We are keen to ensure that all participants will have plenty to do and will be able to benefit from the experience of what could possibly happen to us in real life.

The sort of tasks we will be asking teams to carry out are:

*Go to a specific location and report back a requested piece of information.

*Transport personnel and/or supplies from A to B.

*Message passing.

*Other tasks contributed by EPOs

For the Raynet involvement we need the following:

*Members to ride in 4x4 vehicles to provide communication to Control

*Members to operate outside or inside Rest Centres or other locations.

*Members to operate as, or support, Control. There may well be more than one Control set up and they are likely to be quite busy.

*Members, family, or friends to act as ‘casualties’ to be transported as tasks in the exercise.

Members who may be unable to participate actively in the field can still assist acting as relay stations if required, and by recording signal strengths throughout the exercise to identify any communication blackspots.

There will be quite a few people from the ‘User Services’ taking a keen interest in how we get on, so we are hoping for a good show. As part of our early planning it would be very useful to have an indication of how many members might be coming to join in the fun, so that we can prepare the scenario and tasks accordingly.

For more information contact the Group Controllers STEVE  GRAHAM or STUART

Saturday April 14th Exercise Broadstorm

Thank you to all those who turned out for this event.

The following has been received from Simon Faraday-Drake, EPO, BDC:

Subject: Exercise BROADSTORM Thanks

Dear All

Just a quick email to say a massive thanks to all who took part in exercise BROADSTORM on Saturday.

The turnout was excellent, we achieved a lot and I think we really helped to strengthen resilience in Norfolk by showing how we can all pull together to achieve a common goal.

From my point of view it was great to meet so many of you (some for the first time) and I really look forward to working with you in the future. I know my Emergency Planning colleagues Jan Davis (Gt. Yarmouth) and Teresa Cannon (Breckland/Norfolk County Council) also found it really useful so hopefully this can be the start of further exercise collaborations around the county.

I couldn’t include everyone on my email distribution list so please pass on my thanks to friends, colleagues & neighbours who all helped to make Broadstorm such a success.

So to sum up, in the immortal words of young Mr Grace….

“Well done everybody!”

All the best


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Exercise Broadstorm

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