Sunday May 11th Exercise Round Walk - near Acle

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Exercise Round Walk 2014

This will take place Sunday May 11th, from approx 08.00 until 14.30.

We have been asked to provide radio coms for the Rotary Club’s charity walk.

We will need around 10 members to fully man all of their marshal points – as usual we only have to provide radio coms at these points, you won’t be asked to do any marshalling.

Training from this exercise – setting up and maintaining a portable station in the field, finding the location from a map, passing messages during the exercise, learning how we operate. There is also the opportunity to operate control / keep the log / liaise with the organisers at control etc. All in all you can learn a lot.

What will you need? Equipment –I suspect that a handheld should be sufficient but car mobile (assuming access to the marshal points) would be better, those who took part in our aerial making exercise will find that bringing and setting that up will be an exercise in itself.

Other things – reflective jacket / tabard, RAYNET sign (copy to print off on this web site) to display, water proofs, warm clothing etc. – pencil paper (pencils are better then pens if it gets wet). We don’t envisage, any need for QTH base station involvement in this exercise – any necessary relaying will be done between members on the ground as part of the training process. If you can only get for a few hours then that is ok, we can slot you in.

Oh yes, nearly forgot – Where is it? It will be taking place near ACLE.

There may be some alterations to the walk this year as at time of writing, some of the walk is under water . . . .

Remember WE NEED YOU If you want to take part please email Steve G7VAH , marking your email ‘RAYNET – Exercise Round Walk 2014’. If you can only join us for a few hours, please say when and we will sort you a location.

Look forward to seeing / talking to you on the 11th.

Steve, G7VAH Coastal group controller

Short route map 5.7Miles  HERE

 Medium route map 7.9Miles  HERE

Long route map 9.9Miles  HERE

Overall map  HERE

Pictures of Marshalling locations  HERE

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