Monday April 28th Exercise Twilight

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This exercise will replace the normal RAYNET Monday night net.

During the exercise, members will need to go to a fixed location and then either operate as a mobile station or set up as a portable station, if it is safe to do so. It is most likely that members will choose to operate mobile from their vehicles. Ensure you are safely off the road and can operate safely.

How the exercise will work:-

During the day on Monday 28th, you will receive an email. In this email there will your location and several numbered messages. The messages will be for you to send – they may be to other locations or to the controller / emergency centre for the evening.

You may have cryptic clues as well suggesting when you will receive a message! And it is possible you might receive messages asking for an unscripted answer . . .

Locations – I will endeavour to choose a location for each of you which will not be too far from your start location (for most their start location will be their QTH)

Time – from approx 19.45 until 21.00 local time

Freq. 144.650 MHz

If you wish to take part, please email me in the following way:-

1) From an email address you be able to access on the day of the exercise

2) In the email Heading please insert RAYNET Exercise Twilight

3) In the email please state where you wish to start from e.g. Hellesdon or something similar – Norwich is too vague!

You will need a pencil / something to write your message on etc. You will not be sent messages while moving nor be expected to send messages while moving.

If you want to take someone to scribe, that is fine, or you can take the whole clan for an evening out.

Steve, g7vah