Tuesday 13th October Exercise Blackspot

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144.650Mhz 1200hrs Tuesday 13 Oct 2015.

G4PSH/M 50w 7/8 whip. Tests were made (Mobile Car only)  from Sutton Nr Stalham

A 149 to Great Yarmouth for testing communications

from Gt Yarmouth Fire Station and Gorleston Fire Station

Communications were a success (Good Readable)  into M0WHQ

which was the main purpose of the Exercise.

A thanks to G8SDU M1CQS G8EEY G1DXQ and M0UJD for taking part..

Communications also good readable to above Stations, but had a problem

at Gorleston Fire Station with M1CQS Weak Unreadable. All Stations

OK from all  other locations which also included Mobile working A149 to Gt Yarmouth

North Deans and South Deans and Outer Harbour. One good contact was

 Good Readable between North Walsham M0UJD and South Deans

 Communications Between Wellington Pier and Sea Life on the famous Mile was

Weak Readable to Weak Unreadable into Norwich but I did not stop to find a good

RF take off spot .I  did loss G1DXQ at times but G8SDU did relay reports.

73 TerryO

G4PSH DepConTemp