Sunday 13th March Exercise Lotus Blossom 3   

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Sunday 13th, Exercise Lotus Blossom 3 (0900 to 1300)

    Location is Church Farm, Church lane Hethel, Post code for All Saints church NR14 8HE, this will take you to church lane, follow this road to the junction and turn left and the farm is at the end of the track. Grid reference for the farm is TG 168 003.

    Aim for members who only have, portable or handheld radio units, an opportunity to pass traffic in what could be a realistic location. This will be only a few hours long followed by a debrief.

There will be 5 locations situated around the farm, all have been checked for comms and all work back to control using their own antenna. Here is an opportunity to try out in the field any larger portable antennae that you have bought or made.

    All locations are outside, warm clothing and protection from the elements would be advisable, for example a Tarp or large brolly, something to sit on, food and drink. Tip, pencils work better than pens outside, even on damp paper and don't forget something to write on.

    Look forward to seeing you there, any issues phone me ( see call-out list in Members Section ), or email  for further details.

73  Dave M0ZGN


    DEBRIEF:    Ex Lotus Blossom 13th March 2015

    First of all a big thanks to those turned out, the weather was certainly on our side.

    The day started at 0900, the aim was to practice message handling in a different environment than in the shack!

    After a short brief everyone was allocated a location to operate from and from there initially Graham M1CQS ran the net, taken over from by Stuart M0JKB who was directing the net till endex. All call signs returned to controls location for a debrief to discuss what worked and not. The aim was to see how much work we as Raynet need in message handling.

    Terry G4PSH had done a lot, about 18 months ago and it has been on the cards to start again and this was clearly apparent. When can we start again?

    It was felt by some this could have been achieved at home rather than the field, I agree but the aim was take you out that that environment and get you to realise the other factors to take into consideration, such as weather and terrain.

    Another idea was to a map reading/orienteering style exercise, this can be discussed at the next committee meeting and take that one forward.

I also feel we would benefit from some class room work on procedures and message handling at some time in the future.

    In conclusion I hope all enjoyed the day outside rather than the shack, the problem with the controls radio, a bad connection somewhere, I disconnected the Mike at home, put it back on, it worked it must have been made in "Chingland".

73 Dave M0ZGN