Saturday 3rd September Exercise HARMONY II   

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Saturday 3rd September 09.00 to 13.00.

Last September, 4x4 Response and Raynet ran a small exercise in Great Yarmouth in parallel with a GYBC Rest Centre Exercise. Encouraged by feedback, we are organising another one, this time as a formal NRF Exercise for Voluntary & Faith groups.

The aims of the exercise, agreed with the NRF Training & Exercise Group are: "To give groups within the Voluntary & Faith Group the opportunity to participate in a joint exercise.  This exercise will demonstrate the wide capabilities of Norfolk’s Voluntary and Faith Sector and enhance the Integrated Emergency Management arrangements in Norfolk."

Other than the date (3rd September) and location (Great Yarmouth) and that it will run in parallel with another GYBC Rest Centre Exercise with a theme loosely based on tidal flooding, there are no definitive plans for Harmony II as they will depend on who is participating and what capabilities groups want to demonstrate, but I envisage some very simple live play, tied together with collaborative command and control building on lessons learned during Harmony I in 2013, and Exercise Triton II a couple of weeks ago.

We have approval to use Gorleston Fire and Rescue Station as a base for the Voluntary response, there will be some injects coming from a virtual 'Local Coordinating Group' at GYBC offices, and it is hoped to set up a Voluntary & Faith Coordination Cell (VFCC) in Norwich, and test the full system from mobilisation to tasking. Plus of course there is the Rest Centre itself, Ormiston Academy, which will be going through the whole process of setting up and managing 'clients'.

 Exercise Harmony II – Briefing #1


   Environment Agency and Met Office are indicating and increasing likelihood of significant impacts from a tidal surge on the morning of September 3rd 2016. High tide at Gorleston on Saturday is forecast at 11:04, and one         hour later at Great Yarmouth Yacht Station. Tide levels are predicted to be very close to overtopping defences in several locations in around Great Yarmouth and Gorleston.

  NRF Partners are preparing according to the Strategic Flood Plan – Strategic and Tactical Coordination Group meetings (SCG and TCG) are being scheduled, and Norfolk County Council Resilience Team has requested     activation of the Voluntary & Faith Coordination Cell (VFCC)

  As a precaution, Great Yarmouth Borough Council (GYBC) are planning to establish a Rest Centre at Ormiston Venture Academy, and have requested support from the voluntary sector via the VFCC. A Local Coordination    Group (LCG) will be established at Greyfriars House, and a Holding Area and Forward Command Point (FCP) for statutory and voluntary responders will be established at Gorleston Fire Station.


          Current requests:

       1. Establish and operate the VFCC (British Red Cross)

       2. Coordinate voluntary response at Operational level (Lowland Rescue)

       3. Provide a resilient communication capability between VFCC, LCG, FCP and OVA (Raynet)

       4. Provide transport and logistics capability in GYBC area (4x4 Response)

       5. Provide manpower to support GYBC officers (Lowland Rescue)


    British Red Cross will establish and operate the VFCC from their own facilities on Coronation Road in Norwich.

    Raynet will provide appropriate equipment and operators to facilitate communication capability between BRC HQ, Greyfriars House, Gorleston Fire Station and the Rest Centre, and react to any further requirements.

    4x4 Response and Lowland Rescue are to gather appropriate resources at Gorleston Fire Station and respond to taskings as requested.



      British Red Cross, Coronation Road, Norwich NR6 5HD

      Greyfriars House, Greyfriars Way, Great Yarmouth, NR30 2QE

      Gorleston Fire Station, 23 High Rd, Gorleston-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth NR31 0PJ

      Ormiston Venture Academy, Oriel Ave, Gorleston-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth NR31 7JJ


   Meetings will be held at the FCP at intervals throughout the exercise to facilitate Shared Situation Awareness, Joint Understanding of Risk and Joint Decision Making


   All communications over the radio MUST be prefixed with “For Exercise Harmony …”. In case of a real life incident, the phrase “NO DUFF” will be used. Please convey this to all participating responders.

   Raynet Message Forms will be the primary method of passing messages between the four key locations, with mobile phone / verbal / 4x4R runner as backups.

   Communications between senior representatives from each group at the FCP will be verbal.

   Each organisation has their own facilities for communication within their group – where necessary Raynet will coordinate to minimise interference.


   There are toilets and facilities for making hot drinks at BRC, OVA and Gorleston Fire Station but it is advised that each responder makes their own arrangements for food and brings their own mug.

   Please keep the front of Gorleston Fire Station clear and access to all operational areas in case of a live callout – it will continue to be an operational station for the duration of the exercise.

   Risk Assessment

   Each organisation is responsible for carrying out appropriate Risk Assessments for their own group’s activities – no specific risks are introduced by the exercise scenario.

  Command / Control

   Tactical coordination of voluntary organisations will be carried out at the VFCC

   Operational Command and Control of voluntary groups will be carried out by Jim Whiteside, based at Gorleston Fire Station. It is requested that senior representatives from each organisation are also present to facilitate      coordination according to JESIP principles (