Kelling Hospital Trail and Rail

The annual walk will take place on Sunday 25th May from Kelling Heath (near Holt) to Weybourne Station. If you would like to take part, please email me a.s.a.p. (Sorry about the short notice, I have only just been asked today.

The route is very similar to past years, but there are a few changes, including a shorter version as soon as I get a copy of the new map I will post the locations where we will need people. If you can only come for a few hours, do let me know, as we can always find a place for you on the day. – who knows perhaps you can work /RRmobile!!

As this is a long day for controller, volunteers to relieve the controller would be more than welcome – good opportunity to gain experience!!

The route is being changed slightly this year, and as soon as I get the details of the locations, I will post them here.


Debrief of Kelling Hospital Trail and Rail

Exercise Trail and Rail Sunday, May 25th, 2008.

Sometimes I think that planned exercises attract worse weather than an actual emergency, but the purpose of an exercise is show that we are prepared . . .

Arriving at CP6, Weybourne Railway Station  and RAYNET control station for this year’s Trail and Rail Exercise, everything looked good, a nice high location, with nice heavy duty fence posts to tie the mast to, what could go wrong . . . well for a start the weather was normal – a screaming easterly off the North Sea and of course it started to rain!! Still eventually G4PSH and myself eventually got the mast and aerial up, though we were given an indication of just how good a site we were in as M1CQS and G0SMS called in from their Check Points – a signal of 5/9+ received from each on the car aerial, which was horizontal at the time was received from each.

First walkers were away from Kelling just after 9.00 local and G7IJD and 2E0ILH joined us at Checkpoints 3 and 4 respectively as the morning progressed. Upon visiting 2E0ILH in the horizontal rain, I did wonder if he needed to either fit a shield on the car to protect it from shingle being blown around or fit guy ropes to stop it being blown inland!  Having visited all Check Points I then proceeded to open Check Point 5.

Joining us for his first experience of RAYNET, was John, M3WZN who after being briefed fully by G7RNN/P (G4PSH) proceeded to take over Check Point 5. Unfortunately he discovered just how strong the wind was as it blew his canp stove out and he couldn’t make a cup of tea!!

Returning to CP1 around 12.00 local, we discovered that the last walkers had set off some 20 minutes earlier and that no more walkers would be started. They did have 2 sweepers, but didn’t know when they were going to turn up / start the walk . . . Following on from this, following the assigned timings we had been given Control Points were closed down approx 30 – 50 minutes after the last time we had been asked to cover for.

Numbers seemed well down this year – we estimate that there were around 80 walkers only in total, the President of Friends of Kelling Hospital and the organiser did visit several CPs and expressed their thanks for everybody being on station. I didn’t meet anyone from Holt and District Rotary Club

Fortunately there weren’t any known / reported emergencies for us this year, but the exercise did give us the opportunity to get out and check that equipment did work – though we need to remember that in an area like this that handhelds are going to be of limited use and that each member called out will need to ensure that they have a suitable aerial – a hand held connected to a mag mount will suffice as will the max power permitted to M3 licence holders (10 Watts).

There were other issues which did arise which have been recorded and will be forwarded to the organisers / discussed amongst the controllers. Those involved on the day can e-mail me to make sure that I haven’t forgotten anything that they might remember / see what the issues were.

My personal thanks go to G4PSH (controller for the day), M1CQS (CP1), G0SMS (CP2), G7IJD (CP3), 2E0ILH (CP4), M3WZN (CP5) as well as the xyls who supported them. You people made the day happen and go well – special thanks to you John on your first exercise.

Steve, G7VAH, Coastal, RAYNET controller

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