Holkam Hall Cycle Ride

Raynet Control will be at CP1 - the start and finish point (TF888 430) and should be operational from 09.00 hours Sunday 5th October (all times given are local) until approx 16.30 hours (this will be dependent upon weather conditions), call sign - G7RNN/P

Terry, G4PSH, will be controller for the day.

Cycle ride starts at 10.00 and should end around 16.00

1) OPERATING FREQUENCY, - 144.675 MHz - this is not our Monday night frequency, but is the new agreed frequency for all North Norfolk RAYNET operations.

2) Power/aerial required -most CPs should be able to work control with a handheld. A mag mount with 5-10 Watts should be more than enough. Control will have a 10m mast 25W and a Slim-Jim. If radio conditions are good, then control may need to work at reduced power.

3) Raynet operators on air for 09.30, find the marshals and introduce yourself to them and log in with control. Not all CPs have Marshals. (There will be a free-net from control set up until 09.30 and talk-in if needed)

4) There will be a Big ’C’ white van available for bike repairs/recovery during the day. This will also act as sweeper at the end of the event. It also makes regular circuits, so make yourself known to them if there are no marshals at your CP.

5) Please remain at your station until advised to stand down by control.

6) If you need to go -off station- please let Control know so he can send a relief. There are toilets near the Hall, but be advised that it will be a 6 mile round trip by vehicle (motorised or bike!). Be patient while waiting for your relief.

7) Our role is to provide communications in case of emergency/ a cyclist needs help. DO NOT help any cyclists or give first aid, unless properly qualified.

8) As the cyclists pedal as many circuits as they wish for their sponsorship, there is no need to keep track of their numbers during the day. If we need to contact / trace a particular rider, control will put that number out to all stations.

9) Steve, G7VAH, will be available throughout the day. If the weather is good he will quite happily accept sponsorship money as he cycles around the control points!!

10) If the weather looks good make sure you take a chair to sit on. Ha ha ha!!

Don’t forget your ID badge and a tabard - I usually hang my tabard on the car door so that RAYNET can easily be seen by all passer-bys.

Many thanks for everything on the day,

Steve, G7VAH, Coastal Raynet Controller

Although we do have all CPs manned, if the weather’s nice do come and join us - bring your bikes and ride if you want, take over a CP for an hour or so. If you want to contact us by air, do listen first and then call control. Remember as some stations may be using low power, you might not hear them, so do follow any control instructions

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Holkam Cycle Ride

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