Exercise Sea Spray

Norfolk County RAYNET have been asked to take part in WEVA’s funday at the Lighthouse Pub, Walcott.

Walcott Emergency Volunteer Association fundraising committee are having a Funday at the Lighthouse Pub Walcott on Sunday 9th August 2009 from 2-5 in aid of our local Floodwardens.

We are also having a Community Emergency Services section where the Floodwardens, Coastguard, Police, St Johns Ambulance have agreed to attend.

As your group played an important part during the Sea surge and flooding of November 2007, we are inviting you to attend as well to promote awareness in your group and if you wish to fund raise for yourselves. We will have a section with photos of the flooding and feel your groups attendance will be invaluable to this section.

We intend to run a Special Event station on the day – hopefully starting in the morning and running through the day. If you want to come and work the station / speak to people etc. then you will be welcome, if not we would appreciate you working the Special Event station either from your QTH, mobile or even if you like portable (sort of an Exercise PC in daylight!!). Hopefully this will be 2m or HF – We hope to have the call sign GB4NCR for the day, but if this fails we will use one of the RAYNET call signs.

An indication (preferably by e-mail) that you wish to take part some time during the day would be appreciated – whether you want to come to the event / stay at home / mobile / portable etc. would be appreciated.


Coastal Controller, Norfolk County RAYNET

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