Exercise Cooked Piston

Norfolk County Raynet have been asked to help in a training exercise created by

4 X 4 Response and Rover Rescue.  It is hoped to put NorLSAR and Raynet members into the vehicles with Rover Rescue and 4 X 4 Response members to have mixed agency teams, so this means you wont have to worry about driving and there is ample safe parking at the start/finish point in the Mattishal area. The date has been set for Sunday 11th April 2010, and should run from 0800 to 1800.


This all day exercise will be run in the North Norfolk area.  Teams will have to navigate their way around a pre planned route using green lanes and tarmac roads to reach each of the 4 bases that will be set up.  Each base is designed to test your skills in the areas of recovery, communications, search, first aid and the use of your vehicle and equipment carried in it.  Please don’t be concerned if you haven’t accumulated a vehicle full of the usual off road paraphernalia, if you haven’t got it and its needed the base staff will provide it.

The emphasis throughout the whole day will be on improving your skills and knowledge in the areas identified, building team working and most of all having fun!!.

Each team should have ideally have no more than 5 vehicles in it, with each vehicle having a driver and a navigator/radio operator.

The organisers have stressed that this is a training exercise, and in no way competitive.

Those interested in taking part, please contact Graham on BR1@Norfolkraynet.org.uk or Steve on NN1@Norfolkraynet.org.uk

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Joining/Starting instructions as supplied

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Pictures of the exercise

Cooked Piston